Sunrator assists you at every phase of a project, from the early stages of site selection and feasibility right through to the project management of the construction phase and operation and maintenance advisory.

Helping You Achieve Energy Autonomy !

Our unique Solutions in terms of Engineering Design and Financial Modeling helps you attain higher margins and better Energy Guarantee..

Bridging the Gap !


At Sunrator Technologies we believed that every client has a specic need and every project is meant to fulll that . Hence our solutions are designed keeping a holistic bird’s eye view.

Optimization and eective cost utilization are the pillars of our designs. Our solutions are unique,driven by indepth understanding of the market.

Optimization and effective cost utilization are the pillars of our designs. Our solutions are unique,driven by indepth understanding of the market. Our team has a strong background of business management and financial planning that would help you to design an eective and innovative business Model so as to attain your goals faster and more effeciently.

Detailed Services We Provide

Solar Advisory

Our unique Solutions in terms of Engineering Design and Financial Modelling helps you attain higher margins and better Energy Guarantee! We provide you

  • Advice on sector policy
  • Least cost planning
  • Regulatory framework
  • Coordination during the installation process
  • Shortlisting the best-suited investor/developer

Project Management Consulting

At SUNRATOR Technologies we believe that every client has a specific need and every project is meant to fulfill that. Hence our solutions are designed keeping a holistic bird’s eye view. We help you to manage your project implementation. We take care of your project quality and design is important for maintaining the quality and cost of the project. We ensure you the project consulting that only profits you with our expertise in:
  • Quality & cost control
  • Installation monitoring
  • Project documentation
  • Testing and commissioning

Owner’s engineering

For a project this is necessary to know the feasibility of project. Choosing a feasible project that offers good return on investment is a very critical decision. The following aspects which we cover:

Project Development Phase

  • Site selection studies
  • Power potential studies
  • Geo-technical Investigations
  • Feasibility Report/ Detailed Project Report
  • Technology evaluation / selection studies
  • Assessment of design and reliability concept
  • Socio-environmental studies
  • Project cost estimates and Financial Model
  • Regulatory compliance checks of Consents and Clearances
  • Preparation of Technical and Commercial bids for IPP / Tariff based bidding

To determine the feasibility of a project

  • Assessment of need for the project
  • Policy and regulatory analysis
  • Selecting suitable location, technology, optimization of plant.
  • Selection of the right business model
  • Budgetary analysis
  • Risk and challenges
  • Success factors

Expert recommendations

  • Assistance up to Financial Closure
  • Preparation of EPC / Package specifications/ Tender documents and evaluation of the bids
  • Preparation of O&M bid specifications and evaluation of O&M proposals
  • Assistance in Contract negotiations and Contract Signing-Package/EPC/O&M
  • Assistance during “Security Package” negotiations
  • Interfacing with Lenders, Advisors and Statutory bodies

Lender’s engineering

We provide expert services to Financial Institutions/ Banks/ Lenders / Private Equity Firms & Hedge Funds during the financial closure, Implementation phase, Performance guarantee testing and On Project completion .The services provided broadly include:

Financial Closure

  • Review of the project’s conceptual design, basic engineering, construction & operations plans
  • Appraisal of technology
  • Review of Project Agreements
  • Appraisal of power evacuation arrangement and its adequacy
  • Review of Permits and Licenses
  • Appraisal of EPC/various packages and O&M Contracts
  • Review of Financial Model and Security Package Mechanism


  • Monitoring of construction progress, Capital Cost & Disbursement
  • Time schedule & budget
  • Appraisal of variation orders
  • Regular reporting during construction up to commercial operation
  • Quality assurance at Project site
  • Supervision of Plant Commissioning
  • Appraisal of the testing provisions
  • Performance Guarantee tests- witnessing and evaluation of results
  • Review of Punch List Closure
  • Project Completion Certification

Plant Operation

  • O&M Systems and preparedness
  • Examination of current and planned operating philosophy
  • Regular reporting of operations (performance, statutory compliances, safety) over the term of debt
  • Monitoring and reporting of budgets, revenues, O&M cost
  • Appraisal of proposed plant modifications

Third party inspection

Don’t want to invest in a project but still want to avail the benefits of our policy?? We not only give you the best solar solution but we also inspect the quality of your previously or newly installed plant. We help you to understand how your plant should work and how is it working and how can you improve its working. We are able to carry out inspections of your facilities, equipment and products, and audits of your systems and processes and ultimately grant a certified solution of your problem. It involves:
  • Quality Control
  • Equipment testing
  • Power output in proportion to solar input