“Entrepreneurship is not about being your own boss, but a team effort and you don’t have to figure everything out, sometimes all you need is to take a leap of faith” says Kunal.”

Despite having set his target of being an entrepreneur from the very beginning, it took him almost 5 years after graduating from the Electrical and Electronics Department in 2008 at SMIT and working in various government organizations to having founded “Sunrator Technologies” in 2013. Sunrator Technologies today has turned into a world Class Solar Power Consulting Firm that provides single point solution to Solar Power Investors, Developers and Policy Makers and has Services ranging from Design to Finance and from Construction, O&M to Market Intelligence of Solar Power Sector.

Sunrator, since its inception in 2013, has worked as a consultant on many Utility-scale Solar Power Projects ranging from 100 MW Solar Parks to Building-integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) off-grid Rooftop Solar plant spread across the country. BHEL, State DISCOMS, and other Government organizations are a few of its prestigious clientele.

Today, Kunal is set on the path to expand and diversify Sunrator and to grow business both vertically and horizontally, latest being venturing into the Training and Development segment in line with the government’s skill development initiative. Sunrator trains and develops engineers, young managers and entrepreneurs in the Solar Power Sector through its training arm ‘Sunrator Energy Research Institute’. It has tied up with various stakeholders of the industry as well as different engineering colleges across the country to develop and train skilled manpower.

Talking about his professional experience, he has worked at Engineering Projects (INDIA) Limited, RITES LTD, and National Centre for Antarctic & Ocean Research (NCAOR) all of which were government organizations. He was an Engineer-In-Charge of Indian Scientific Expedition for the construction of BHARATI – Indian Research Station in Antarctica under the (NCAOR). He spent the Austral Winter (2012-13) there maintaining the BHARATI Research Base Station & providing logistic support to Indian Scientists in Antarctica (‘BHARATI’, India’s 3rd and newest permanent research base is situated at Larsemann Hills, Antarctica and also known for the most advanced infrastructure, state of the art architecture and efficient use of renewable energy).

Kunal is a mountaineering enthusiast, loves to play guitar and mouth organ, and be a singer in a rock band during his time at SMIT. There isn’t a single mountain around the college campus which he hasn’t explored. He also had a life-changing fatal accident during his 6th semester while traveling on a motorcycle from SMIT and was rendered hospitalized for almost 3 Months, but with the love and affection of his family, dear friends and faculty, he was able to recover very soon.

Kunal chose entrepreneurship over Corporate jobs because he was passionate about it and when you follow your passion, it gets the best out of you.

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